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About Us 

KWWA Architecture stands as a certified small minority woman-owned Architecture and consulting enterprise situated in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Our team comprises dedicated Architects, Realtors, and Engineers driven by innovative and creative design objectives.

At KWWA, we uphold excellence as a core principle, recognizing that optimal outcomes arise from robust partnerships with our prospective clients. We firmly believe that superior workmanship stems from a blend of mindset and methodology, characterized by a fervent pursuit of discovery and a profound devotion to design.

Our repertoire of services encompasses Design, Documentation, Construction Administration, and Real Estate Investment Services, catering to clientele spanning across California.

Meet The Team

Introducing our ensemble of architects, managers, and designers propelled by curiosity and a commitment to innovative design for the enhancement of our built surroundings. Led by Wing Wong Architect, our team actively engages in community outreach endeavors. Notably, we have facilitated the provision of manufactured homes for individuals facing homelessness. Additionally, our team has generously volunteered to assemble office furniture, prepare dwelling units, and replenish site supplies for the San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust's tiny home initiative.

Furthermore, our team is proficient in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, facilitating seamless communication with a diverse range of clients and collaborators.

Displayed above are images capturing moments of our team, gatherings, and networking events within the Los Angeles community.

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